Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Day Thus Far...

So here we are at 1(ish) PM. I woke up earlier than planned thanks to a certain short person in my life who insisted he needed to get up, right away, and fix his hair. Hrumph! So anyway, he got up, took a shower and spent a half-hour fixing his hair. I finally gave in and said "ok ok. I'm up. Let's get ready for church!" I should know better than to think I'm gonna skip church. God always has a way of making sure I get there!

So we got ready. I still feel like poo but I knew if there was only one thing I did today, it had to be church. I fixed us some whole wheat toast with Nutella (my super-quick breakfast solution) and brought a few bottles of water with us. I hate eating in the car but sometimes you just have to. So by the time I got to church (9:45) I had drank about 30 oz  of water! Woo-hoo! Had to pee but I held it until church was over.

The sermon was AWESOME! Learned more about the Prodigal Son coming home and how there's more to the story than just that. But no matter how many times we may screw up in life and abandon God, He always welcomes us back with open arms. How awesome is that? Just to know that you don't have to be perfect. He doesn't require it. And while that's not a free pass to do whatever the crap you want, it's peaceful comfort to know that you'll always be forgiven! WOO-HOO!!!!

So anyway, I was hungry when I got home and made little "truscuit pizza's" with 10 triscuits, 2 T. low everything pizza sauce and a couple pinches of shredded mozzerella. Microwaved for 30 seconds and vuah-la! Mini pizza's. A way healthier alternative to regular pizza in a small, satisfying snack format. Drank another 12 oz of water and 8 oz of diet coke. I know, diet coke is horrible and gives me INSANE migraines... but it's in my fridge and I just felt like having some. I already regret it as the migraine is making itself known as we speak. So I'm gonna go wash it away with another 12 or so ounces of water.

There ya have it.... my day thus far! I'm ready for a nap. Gotta get rid of this cold. C ya all on the flipside (I have no idea what that means... but my brother always says it and it kinda stuck with me. lol)!!!!

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  1. Glad you felt good enough to get out! :) Hopefully you'll feel better in the morning. Those mini-Triscuit pizzas sound cute!