Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eh... Nevermind. And Uh.... Happy New Year!

Disregard my earlier post... I can't wait a whole week to talk to you guys. Heck, I couldn't even make it a whole night! This blog is so therapeutic for me and even though it sometimes takes a lot of time and digs up some past hurts, it's good to get it out of my head!

So, let's put it this way... at the very least I will blog on Sunday's, but more than likely, it'll be more often than that!

Cool. Ok. So tonight I....... wait for it........ I EXERCISED!!! Yah, I know. Total shocker, right? So I was sitting on the couch watching tv only I couldn't find anything to watch. (Side note: I chose not to pay for cable because I don't want to become a couch potato so we are dealing with a cheap antenna and crappy reception which usually leaves us with only channel 12, 15, 61 and sometimes 5 and 51. Pretty boring, eh?)

After about 15 minutes of channel surfing, I gave up. I happened to have workout clothes on (from my day of running around) and tennis shoes. (Another side note: my tennis shoes are expensive and good quality but they aren't PINK so I don't like to wear them often. My mom bought me pink shoelaces but let's be honest. Pink shoelaces don't make a shoe pink. Especially when the shoe is actually white and lavender. Ugh! I need me some PINK tennis shoes!!!) So I figured, what the heck?!?! I might as well do a few minutes of a dvd workout or whatever.

I popped in this dance/workout dvd. Ok, 50 lbs ago, I could've done it just fine. But at this plumpness, it was hella hard. I kept up for about 5 minutes and then when I couldn't breathe anymore (huffing and puffing like a fattie), I decided to do something slightly less intense. So I popped in a "Walk Off Your Belly Fat" dvd from the Walk Away The Pounds series. Leslie Sansone cracks me up. The lady talks through the entire dvd, every single one.  And sometimes she fumbles over her words. So I laugh because.... well... she's HUMAN! And it's funny! She's not perfect like so many of the other dvd hosts (or whatever you call them). She sweats. She gets major word vomit sometimes. She's real! She can be annoying sometimes... but she's real! Therefore, I feel like I'm working out in a REAL class with a REAL trainer and ultimately, I'm getting a REAL workout!

This was a boosted walk so there was some jogging, weight lifting (I always do heavier than her recommended 3-5 lbs weights) and the regular fast-temp side steps, knee lifts, back kicks, etc. My favorite thing about this particular dvd is that she had a countdown clock for each mile. Instead of me constantly peeking around the corner to see the kitchen clock, wondering how much longer until I'm done.... she put the clock right there on the screen so I know exactly how much longer I have! THANK YOU LESLIE!!!

I will tell you this. Walking is a great exercise. If you don't believe me, google it. It's one of the best exercises you can do for your body. Even better is when you pair it with resistance training. Again, google it. But here's the thing. You can't just walk and expect to lose a lot of weight. I'm not a registered dietician. I'm not a Doctor. And I'm certainly not a know-it-all. I am, however, someone who has done a lot of research. Like, enough research that I should be a friggin twig right now. I also have passed some pretty intense nutrition classes in college. I started out wanting to be a nutritionist and personal trainer. Then I figured, how could I possibly help other people get healthy when I'm sitting here over 300 lbs? Yah, not a good idea... yet. But I DO know a lot. And one thing I know very well is that walking isn't enough.

Any exercise, when balanced with a healthy diet is ideal. Right? Do we all agree? If you don't, GOOGLE IT!!! (Can you tell I'm addicted to google???) So, I am working hard on the food. I refuse to call it a "diet" because diets just set you up for failure. But I am working hard on my lifestyle change relating to food. And now, today, I began my fitness improvement as well. I know it is just one day at a time. So for today, I say: job well done, Miss Kat! 

For tomorrow, the last day of 2010 (where the HECK has the year gone???), I am anxious to see how the day goes. I am stuck at home as my car will be at the mechanic getting new brakes (no clue how I'm gonna pay for them!) so that means I have food at my fingertips all day but thanks to a recent shopping trip, it's all healthy food. As long as it doesn't rain tomorrow, Shorty and I will take a couple trips to the park to burn some extra calories (me, not him!) and enjoy the last day of 2010. The only thing I worry about is night. I know it's all about choices but I also know my family is notorious for making smelly, yummy, bad-for-you foods whenever there's a holiday. I will bring a few healthier alternatives but will need the extra prayer and positive reminders to stay away from the junk. I don't need it. And it's not good for me. The point is to improve, not do the same thing I always do.

In case I don't write beforehand.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!


  1. Hello Kat, I found your blog via Allan's. I love your writing and am inspired by your enthusiasm. I believe you can reach your 2011 weight loss goals. Just keep reminding yourself of how good you felt the last time you lost 100 lbs, confident and sexy. Best wishes for a great New Year.

  2. First, yeah about the pink shoes! I'm stuck with light blue ... at least lavender is closer to pink! I wonder why when I want them to hurry up and get crappy so I can buy new pink ones, they seem to last much longer. Ugh!! ;)

    Second, love google and I agree that if it depended on how much we knew about weight loss through all our researches, we'd be anorexic. At least I would be!!

    Finally, I just had the discussion with my friends about the word diet. I've learned to accept it because EVERYONE in the world is on a diet, except for those that are literally and really starving. Because the word diet actually means "the usual food or drink consumed to provide nutrition to our bodies". So embrace the word diet and when anyone asks you if you're on a diet, tell them "yeah, aren't you? You don't look like you're starving". :-D

    Have a happy and healthy new year!!

  3. So glad to hear that this blog is therapeutic for you! Even though you're busy with everything, I'm glad you still be writing every now and again. :)

    And... I agree about Leslie Sansone. She cracks me up! :)