Saturday, December 4, 2010


Yah. That's been me for the past 48 hours. Sneezing. Coughing. Freezing. Sweating. Aching. Sore Throat. Heartburn. Yadda, yadda, yadda. And as if that hasn't sucked bad enough, it's ruined a lot for me. I had a BIG interview scheduled tomorrow and the lady called me today to confirm, heard my sniffles and said "Oh no! Sorry but we're going to have to cancel tomorrow. I have a very busy schedule this month and can't afford to get sick!" No matter how many times I tried to convince her I was fine and that it was just allergies, she insisted she didn't want exposure to me until I'm 100% better. "BETTER?" I'm FINE!!! I need this job!!!

So now I'm sick, broke and interview-less. What's a girl to do? I swear this seems like the end of the world right now... and I know it's just because I don't feel good.... but oh-my-goodness. It's SO bad that I literally do not know how I'm going to pay rent next month. I'm down to my last $20 and have very little food in my home and am almost out of gas in my car. My son goes to school 20 miles away so that's enough gas for about 2 or 3 days of school. OY-VEY!!!!!!!

I have faith. I know everything will work out. And I'm doing everything in my power to make things better. But I swear, my life is all about 2 steps forward, 1 step back. As an optimist (usually) I look at that as still going forward. But today, I say, ENOUGH!!! I just want things to work for once. I am tired of my evil ex-husband taking everything from me and after that, taking more. I am so PISSED at him for doing this to me. I deserve better. My son deserves better.

{How's that for "victim mentality"? Geesh! I know. I sound pathetic!}

On to the food/weight loss crap. So I don't really feel like eating thing right now, mostly because I can't taste it. Yes, I know it's gross, but all I taste is phlegm. Ick! I have, however, been drinking a lot. Mostly water because nothing, and I mean nothing, is better than water!!!! (It's my FREE cure-all!) But due to the fact I'm not eating much else, I have had some tea and orange juice. I feel hungry right now but really just can't get past the phlegm flavor so I'll pass. Maybe in the morning some minestrone soup will do me some good!

My little one has been so patient with me. I can only imagine how bad it would suck having your favorite play- buddy out-of-commission for 2 days. There has been lots of movie-watching and sleeping going on in our home. One positive is we're pretty much current on all the unopened movies we've had collecting dust for the past several months. However, being totally and completely inactive for 2 whole days SUX. I can feel it in every inch of my body.

My poor child is just isn't having this Mommie-being-sick-thing. "Mommie, I feel so lazy. I need to exercise!" I mean, as a Mom, I'm proud that I've instilled the importance of exercise to the point that going without it for 2 days makes a big impact. And yesterday, we tried to walk to the park but I got cold sweats and almost puked everywhere. Today, my only exercise was taking the trash out and I puked along the way... something about the smell of trash while not feeling good, I guess. But oh man! I literally never get sick and this is, like, 5 years worth of sickness all rolled into one major BLAH!!!!!

So ALLAN, at "Almost Gastric Bypass", is doing a challenge. Actually, I guess it's Phase 3 of a program. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what all it is but from what I understand, it has a lot to do with liquid consumption. I drink a lot of water anyway, but usually the majority of it is at the end of the day. I think this program is drinking most of it at the beginning of the day so you're full all day. Great idea! So I said SURE, WHAT THE HECK?!?! I'm joining this challenge/program and will commit to it the rest of this year. I put my goal at 20 lbs. That's totally doable. Right? 20 lbs in 3 1/2 weeks.

The only thing I worry about it my dang PCOS. It hates me and works so hard against me. However, I have been regularly taking my medication again (the pills are HUGE, STINKY and give me major diarrhea so I haven't taken them regularly). I know that will be a huge help! Also, I don't know what eating guidelines are included but I'm a vegetarian so hopefully it works ok with that. Anyway, I'll keep you posted on how it goes. If you want to join his challenge, you have to contact him by tomorrow (Sunday). Otherwise you'll have to wait for the next one!

So, there's my super long blog post to make up for not doing any for the last few days. I'm miserable today... but I know tomorrow will be a better day. I'm gonna go pop some Nyquil, drink another Liter of water and head my super plump booty to bed. I hope you had a much better week than I did!

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  1. Aw, sorry to hear you feel so bad. When you told me a few days ago, I thought it's go away, but it only got worse. :( Just relax. I know it's hard. Can you ask your sister or mother for a bit of healp over the next week? That might allow you a bit more time to recouperate. :)