Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another Crazy Night In Scaryville

We had quite the eventful evening last night.

Well, before all the scariness, we spent a couple hours with my Mom looking at Christmas lights. We drove all over and found some pretty rad houses! Then we went by one of her friends' houses. This lady is addicted to Santa and has over 10,000 santa's on display in her home. She opens her home up for anyone to come see the display and serves food and alcohol for the visitors. Then she has a table where you can guess how many Santa's there are. If you guess right, or close, you get a prize. Mini-me had a blast trying to count them all... his guess: 4400. hahaha. Totally random, but great guess for a 5 year old. Ma and I each guessed in the 5,000's and we were told our guesses were "way low". Geesh! Way too many to count!!! But it was fun.

Then we took a Starbucks break where a super hot, and super friendly, dude made us some yummy peppermint hot chocolate. My munchkin' asked, very bravely I might add, for some chocolate chips and whipped cream on top. I ordered a Venti (the BIG one) and 2 extra cups so we could all split it. What did this gorgeous dude do? Well he filled each of the cups up with whipped cream and chocolate chips... not just my son's. Then he..... get this.... WINKED at me!!!! *blushing* I'm not kidding, folks. This dude was HOT!!! And when he asked what my son's name was (so he could write it on the cup), he said his brother has the same name. So we shared a little giggle over that. Yah. It just doesn't take much to rock my night! :-)

So we dropped Ma off. Said goodnight and headed home. We only live about 7 minutes from my mom so the drive was short. But just in that short drive, we passed 10 police cars. It was freaking me out a bit. Then a fire engine. 2 ambulences. 2 more cop cars. 3 more. And a police SUV. TRIPPY!!!! So I got us in the home as quick as possible and in the short, I mean very short, walk from the car, we heard 3 more sets of sirens.

I got in a realized we didn't get water while we were out. We only had one 12 ounce bottle left... with as much water as I was drinking, this seriously freaked me out. We have a water machine in the courtyard here so I was getting shorty ready to head out and fill up a jug with water. I haven't tried that water before. I'm VERY picky about my water so I was nervous about trying it. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

So anyway, as he was getting his shoes on, I realized one of our patio decorations had fallen over. So I went outside to fix it and was almost blinded by the light of a hovering helicopter. I've never seen a helicopter that close to a building before. It was announcing to the "citizens" (over the speaker) that 3 armed and extremely dangerous men were on the loose in our neighborhood and to stay inside with the doors locked.


So needless to say, I didn't get my water after all. I told shorty to take his shoes off and lay on the couch with me to watch a movie. I texted my family (since they all live nearby) to let them know to stay inside. And then I faked a potty trip so I could sneak into my room and call the police. They confirmed that these men were spotted in my neighborhood and to stay inside with the doors locked. "Don't answer the door for anyone, ma'am. These men are dangerous."


So I was scared but had to be a brave Mommie and not let my little man know I was scared. I sat next to him on the couch and watched a movie. I have no idea what was happening in the movie, even though I was staring right at it, because I just kept thinking I was hearing those men. I held both my phones in my hand with my finger on the number 9 in case I had to quickly dial 911.

I heard that helicopter hover for over 2 hours!

Then, as I was falling asleep, I noticed I didn't hear it anymore. I called the police to see if they had made any progress and... HALLELUJAH! They caught all 3 men! Phew! I was worried for a little bit and thought I wouldn't be getting any sleep at all. There's no way I could sleep knowing 3 dangerous men could be in my neighborhood.

So that brings us to about 12:45 am. I spent about a half hour reading the Bible and getting ready for bed. All the while, I was parched. I drank all but 2 ounces of that water bottle... just in case shorty woke up thirsty during the night. I did find a bottle of Gatorade in the pantry so I drank most of that, too. But after all this water I've been drinking, to then be without... oh my gosh! Not fun at all. First thing this morning, we went and got water. And I drank and drank and drank. I'm almost re-hydrated but... as we speak.... I'm drinking more! Gulp! Gulp! Gulp!

Happy Sunday, friends. I hope you're having a great day!


  1. That's pretty scary. I'm really glad to hear that the police caught all of the men involved. And I'm glad that you gyus stayed safe and weren't hurt!

  2. Glad to hear you stayed safe! yikes! Also glad to hear they caught the men.. I don't think I would have slept either.. :)

  3. Kat, I was really relieved to read your post; when I saw the title, I was afraid you had been hurt as you have before. Glad you are safe! That must have been very scary, and it sounds like you got lucky, because you were able to get inside and lock your doors. The bad guys were out there for quite a while...

    Loved the part about the "wink" you got. You go, girl!!