Thursday, December 9, 2010

42 Generations Later... And, Uhh, Sleep Stuff

So I was reading the book of Matthew last night. Before each book of the Bible, my Bible has a little intro with background as to the writer, who the intended audience was and the time frame in which it was written. Pretty darn spiffy if you ask me. So anyway, the very first words in the Book of Matthew are all the names of fathers who had certain sons.

Anyway, from Abraham to David to Jesus, there were 42 generations. I don't know why that struck a fancy with me but I'm just in awe over the fact that for 42 generations, men lived and died and all along, they were a part of bringing Jesus into the world. Makes me really think about us now and what great story we are a part of. I don't know... it's just had me thinking a lot.

God is so amazing and even in the midst of chaos and whatever else, it's completely amazing to know that it's all a part of His plan... part of the bigger picture and ultimately, just a small piece of the puzzle. My life could be a stepping stone to something bigger than I could ever imagine. You just never know! Wow! Gives me chills just thinking about it! HOW EXCITING!!!

So anyway, I've been deep in thought about that today. Just the idea that I am a part of something bigger and greater than my own little woes and worries. And even though I'm struggling with not having money right now, I don't worry. I know that God is a God of provision. He will meet every one of my needs... He knew them before I did and already has a Plan. I tell ya, it's been a great day. I'm at such peace and it's a GREAT feeling. Praising God in the hard times is not easy but oh my gosh, it's completely invigorating!

Onto Allan's challenge... I did not drink all my water today. And I didn't write down my food (though I remember it all) as I was out and about all day and quite honestly, my head wasn't in it today. Not to say that I went all crazy or anything... it just wasn't my #1 priority today. God was.

My food went like this:

Breakfast - Subway. I was super hungry so I ordered a footlong egg & cheese on wheat sub, with spinach and salt & pepper... but I only ended up eating half of it. I'm pissed that I wasted half of a sandwich but I was honestly quite full. The water is definitely helping! Woo-hoo!

Lunch - Soy meat, black beans and 2% cheese between 4 small corn tortillas with salsa and a "dollop" of light sour cream on top.

Dinner - Basically the same thing as lunch, but burrito style. Plus 16 ounces of pumpkin spice latte... the mix was one serving but I watered it down.

I need to get back to snacking during the day. I honestly wasn't very hungry... but I need the snacking to keep my blood sugar normal so I don't get headaches and whatever!

I've had almost 4 liters today with the latte so not too shabby I guess. I have had heartburn the last couple days. It could be from the soy meat since it had taco seasoning on it. Or maybe it's from the salsa. Or the extra water? I dunno. Other than that, I feel pretty darn good.

I get really bummed on the exercise front. I love to walk and jog. I just can't right now because it hurts too much. Like, in tears too much. I've never really been a fan of lifting weights... although I love feeling strong and sexy. I know I need to get back to doing that. These bat wings have got to go! I do better when I have a fitness buddy... it's too easy for me to find an excuse why I can't exercise or why I have to cut it short.

Living alone sux. Well, I'm not completely alone... and I know mini-me wold love it if we went to the gym every day. Bless his heart... he's an active boy. I should be more like him! I, on the other hand, feel so preoccupied with a million other things that exercise ends up at the bottom of my list. I'd love to do it first thing in the morning but lately I've been waking up late. In fact, we've been late to school every day for the last two weeks. It's hard living a half-hour away. And I've been up till the wee hours of the morning working on homework, job searching, etc. I go to bed and my mind is racing. I read my Bible before bed every night and it calms me down some, but then I think a lot about soul-searching type things.

I should really go to bed when my munchkin goes to bed... that way I'd be well rested in the morning and able to "find" time to exercise. Sleep is such an important part of weight loss and overall health. I've studied nutrition in college... I know this stuff. But it's so much easier to blog about it and tell other people about it than to do it myself. Why? Grr!!!!

Anyway, it's about 11:30 pm. I'm gonna try and get to bed now. Well, after I read my Bible, of course! I know all I can do is take just one day at a time. But I want to truly make the best of each day. So, for tomorrow, no matter how tired or sick I may feel, I am going to get some exercise in. Better yet, I'm gonna do something with my little Angel... the family that exercises together, ummm... lives together? Er uh, lives healthily together?! I dunno. But you get the picture. So yah, family exercise tomorrow... and then I have my finals tomorrow night so wish me luck! That'll give me a nice little break for a couple of weeks... no school, no late night homework. Woo-hoo!

Hope you had a great Thursday!


  1. that would be great for the two of you to exercise together! Kid's really do learn from actions, not words.

    I have been looking for a DVD that's geared toward toddlers so my daughter (2 years old) and I can do some together. She is really starting to imitate me when I do things, so that would be a great thing to do! I know there are yoga DVD's so maybe we'll start there.

    Oh.. and about wasting part of the sandwich? I remember something I heard a long time ago that has really stuck with me about eating something just because you don't want to throw it.. It's garbage in the trash can and it's garbage in your stomach. Either way it's garbage... so don't feel so bad about "wasting" it. :)

  2. I wished we lived closer together so we could be work out buddies!!!!! :) Move over here... I wish you could, even though it's such a long trek!
    Try doing that Denise Austin kid workout DVD I sent ya. Maybe that might get him going, with you! :)