Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Challenge Day #1

Wowzers! What a way to start a challenge. First of all, mini-me woke up sick so, OH JOY... another day at home for us. I'm tellin' ya, this having-a-cold crap sux major! But anyway, I've been drinking my water like a good girl. By 8am I had already drank 34 ounces. By 9 I'd had 60 something ounces and by 10, holy hell. I was, as mini-me puts it, a "pee machine"!!! I think I was around 80 ounces by that point.

My food went like this:

Breakfast: 6" egg white & spinach subway sandwich on whole wheat bread with a little salt & pepper and oregano.(Approximately 300 calories)

Lunch: Lean cuisine cheese pizza (340 calories) and 2 servings of watered down peppermint hot chocolate (240 calories)

Snack: 1 light string cheese (60 calories) and a mini-homemade-muffin (120 calories)

Dinner: Vegetable soup (220 calories), 1 mini-muffin (120 calories) and a light string cheese (60 calories)

For a grand caloric total of: 1,460

I still have a few calories to spare but I'm really not that hungry. I may have a few almonds or frozen fruit while watching The Biggest Loser. But anyway, water consumed was almost 5 liters plus 24 ounces of the watered down peppermint chocolate. Yah, that's a LOT of liquid in my body!

I can't wait to get some money so I can go get some good groceries. I got a few dollars today and am gonna go tomorrow to get some soy meat, broccoli, apples, spinach and a few other veggies. Oh, and some more whole wheat bread too! I totally dig this challenge from ALLAN... although I won't be able to stick to it 100% (mostly because I don't have the money to get certain foods) I will stick to it as best as possible. The liquids won't be a problem. Can't wait to see the outcome!

Happy Tuesday, readers!

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  1. No spoilers from TBL tonight... I'm recording to watch tomorrow or Thursday! :)

    Sorry the wee one is sick again. :( But at least you guys can spend some good time together. Feel better!!!