Thursday, January 27, 2011

Too Fat 4 The FAT GIRL Stores

Today I discovered I'm too fat for the "fat girl" stores. Well, at least Fashion Bug. I have shopped there for my entire adult/fat girl life. I was blessed with an opportunity to do some shopping today and after an hour of trying on clothes (and I change fast, so that's a lot of clothes) the only things that fit me and/or looked "ok" on me were workout clothes. I'm feeling totally discouraged right now...

Like I said, I know the only thing between me and my dreams is ME. I know that. Normally I would turn to food for comfort but I know that doesn't do anything but add more weight to this already SUPER FAT body of mine so I'm staying far away from food. I have to go to a girls night tonight but when I get home, I'll be exercising. And after my 6 hour field-trip at the zoo tomorrow (lots of walking for me!!), I'll come home and exercise some more. And after the completely humiliating party tomorrow night where everyone else will be dressed up and I'll be in my stretchy FAT GIRL workout clothes, I'll come home and workout some more. I have to get out of this fat girl body... I seriously can't stand it anymore!

Please, God, take all the fat away.... make me healthy again!!!


  1. I know that what I say from hundreds of miles (maybe?) away probably doesn't help when you're down like this but let me just say, I know how you feel. I am so sad to read this post, not because of the subject, but because I can tell just how discouraged and upset you are. I've been there too.

    Do you currently have a routine? What are your goals? What would losing weight mean to you? You need to sit down and answer those questions honestly and focus on those answers to get you motivated.

    I'm here to listen so please keep at it and keep writing about it and feel free to e-mail any time!

  2. And let me also say that you are beautiful.

  3. ((HUGS)) Wish I was closer to give you a real hug.. but you'll have to settle for a cyber one :)

    I've been there.. and it sucks. It really does. Just remember how much you are doing now.. you have made amazing strides! Sometimes it just seems to take forever... but it will happen.

    And, girl, I don't care how big you are... you are gorgeous! You truly are. I love seeing your VLOG's! You have a sparkle to you. :) That may sound weird, but it's true.

  4. ((((hugs)))) from this corner of the blogosphere as well. :( It does suck. And you are beautiful, and you're in the right place and frame of mind to change that which is so frustrating!

    You are a Work In Progress - a Masterpiece in the making. This discomfort is just a phase that you WILL get through as you continue to construct the beautiful Work of Art that is you. You CAN do it - you WILL do it!

    And as for getting through tomorrow night? Accessories and Attitude! Some great accessories to dress up the outfit, and a strong, confident, cheerful attitude (even if you really aren't feeling it - fake it! Seriously!) And once the evening is done, go home, put it in the past, and focus on the future. :D

  5. Your video just broke my heart because I know exactly how you feel. There were so many times I wore outfits just because thats all I could find at the time that like looked a fraction of a bit decent on me. I know what you are going through. I've been there.

    The only way you can feel better is to keep along your weight loss journey. I can't promise you an exact time when you will feel better but it will happen. Don't let how you feel now determine how you react. It is great that you are telling us, your blog readers, what you are going through. It will help in the long run. You are not alone. Get out those feelings. Do not eat them.

    If you ever need a friend, send me an e-mail...

  6. Try and turn it around a bit-if all you can wear is work out clothes--you HAVE to use that as motivation to work out! You are all dressed and ready to go!:-)

    Hang in there-and, for what it's worth, I pretty much live in yoga pants...

  7. I'm so sorry, hunny. I love you and wish I could give you a big hug right now.

    11 pounds in one month IS good - regardless of your goal. Don't ever lose sight of the fact that losing is losing, no matter how much or how little you do.

    Focus on the POSITIVES, not only the negatives. Yes, that shopping trip was terrible and it brought your morale down. That's really understandable. You're crushed and heartbroken. And you're allowed to feel bad about it. But don't forget about all the good you're doing. You ARE losing. And you ARE exercising and eating healthier. When you start to feel better, think to yourself, "I'm gonna go back in to that store in the summer or in a year's time and be able to wear everything in that store."

    And you are SUCH a wonderful person. I know you can't see it, but you are. Look how many people support you on this blog. And your old one. And how many people you have around you who love you and care about you.

    You didn't get the easiest life to live through. But you've come this far and still have your head on straight. You can do anything. I know that. And I know that deep down, you do too.

    If you're still feeling angry about the shopping trip, okay. Give yourself time to get over it. But when you're feeling better, kick it in the butt and know that you can conquer anything.


  8. I didn't read the other comments before I write this. I went from your video to the comments as QUICKLY as I possibly could. First and foremost, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Coming from a girl who was at one point 370+lbs I know, from the deepest bottom of my heart that that doesn't mean much when you feel as low you as do. I know it. But YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. It comes out in your words. It comes out in your voice and your words and you are physically BEAUTIFUL! Yes, there is extra weight there. Yes it will be healthier to lose it. But you ARE BEAUTIFUL. Don't ever think you are worth less because of the number on the scale and don't think that because you have to wear a 'workout outfit' to the party that you should enjoy the party any less. You have a right to enjoy life. You also have a right to be healthy and happy. I'm here and I'm rooting for you girl. Long time reader but I think this is my first comment. But I HAD TO COMMENT because your video broke my heart. I cried. Don't EVER FORGET that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Worthy of love and marriage and more children and singing on stage.((hugs)) I'm just a comment or e-mail away at or :)