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The Daniel Cleanse | Made To Crave | Food Update

The Daniel Fast
My mom was talking to me yesterday about something she stumbled across... The Daniel Cleanse (aka The Daniel Fast). I immediately began to research it and it's a scripture-based fast to cleanse the body of toxins while focusing on God.

Here's a few links on the topic:

Daniel Fast Food List

The Daniel Fast

After I read a few articles about it, I read the Bible. I couldn't recall ever hearing about Daniel fasting in the Bible so I needed to see for myself what it actually said. Basically here's how it goes. Daniel (and 3 others) were invited by the King to partake in his royal feast in which, after eating that way and training for three years, he'd be given a position in the King's Court. Daniel, however, politely refused. He didn't want to lower himself to eat from the King's table. He knew better.

Daniel requested an exemption. He asked for the 4 men to be on a diet of vegetables and water for 10 days. At the end of 10 days, the King could compare the 4 of them with all the other men and judge who is better. Sure enough, after the 10 days, Daniel and his friends were much healthier and much stronger. God honored them. The King favored them. Everything was better after this 10-day vegetable & water diet.

If you'd like to read the entire passage, you can here.

I've spent a lot of time praying about this and I believe a 10-day vegetable & water cleanse could be very good for my body. However, with PCOS and the medication I'm on, I don't think my body could function 10 days with just vegetable and water. I'm going to consult my Doctor about it and if I get the "OK", then I will do it!

Made To Crave.
Now, onto the next part of my blog... MADE TO CRAVE! I heard Lysa TerKeurst talking on the radio the other day. What she had to say totally made sense so I went on to her website. Come to find out she's actually the founder of another ministry I'm already involved in... the Proverbs 31 Ministry. (More on that later!)

So before I go on with my review, check out this little clip. It's short... you can handle it!

I absolutely love the idea of this book. I have been writing my own book for the last couple years. I've been writing about my weight loss struggles and my walk with Christ... and how the two completely overlap. So to see this book, almost the exact same idea, I was stoked! I am gonna go pick this up sometime this week (hopefully)... I can't wait to read it! Lysa is such a strong, committed woman and I completely value every word she speaks.

When you allow God to be in control, nothing but GOOD happens. It when you try to be in control that chaos happens. And that's been my life... I have tried so hard to stay in control and make things work on my own. But what I need to do is give it to God... ALLLLLL of it.... and let Him do what He does. I'm really just along for the ride. This applies to every area of my life... including weight-loss. I diet. I go through phases of different exercises. I starve. I gorge. I eat out a lot. I eat at home a lot. I eat fresh food. I eat frozen food. I go back and forth and up and down... and NOTHING WORKS! But why???? Because I'm trying to be in control when I'm the absolutely worst person to be in control. This is a journey, a day-by-day experience... but today I make the commitment to give it to God. God is in control. And today, I surrender my own sugary and carb-loaded desires and open my heart and mind for much healthier alternatives.

Food Update.
Oh, quick food update. Last night Shorty and I had a veggie burger, steamed broccoli and vegetarian baked beans. He hated the beans but loved the veggie burger and broccoli. I, of course, loved it all!

Yesterdays lunch looked like this:

Corn tortillas with soy meat, 2% reduced fat cheese, light sour cream and salsa. We put this on the table and made our own "tacos". Oh, there was a huge bowl of lettuce, too. Yah... it was YUMMY!!!

For breakfast, all week we've been having 100% whole wheat whole grain toast (1 piece for Shorty, 2 pieces [150 calories] for me) and a smoothie [140 calories]. It's become my absolute favorite breakfast... it's healthy, quick, and the best part.... we can eat it in the car!!!! I need a new blender, tho. I have that "magic bullet" system and I've used it so much, it's done! I've worn it into the ground!!

I hope you've had a fantastic week! Here's to an even better one ahead! :-)

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