Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

This morning I finished a step aerobics workout that I found online and let me tell you... it was INTENSE!!! I did the first half on my stepper but then my legs felt like they were gonna burn off so I figured I could quit or finish the workout on the floor... I finished it on the floor. It was just as intense! I was all hot and sweaty and definitely needed to change my clothes. WOO-HOO!

So if you need a good workout to try from home, I HIGHLY recommend you try this. You can easily do it on the floor or on a stepper and get a very good workout! Let me know if you try it... I'd be curious to hear how YOU like it!

Click HERE to see the FREE video.

Then after putting Shorty to bed, I did 2 1/2 miles of the "3-Mile Walk Your Belly Flat" dvd by Leslie Sansone.

First of all, my legs have been killing me all day. Yesterday, when I did my weights circuit, I was pushing 120 lbs on the leg press. So yah, my legs are sore. Doing the stepper workout this morning really burned... then walking with the kicks, knee raises, etc. burned even more. After the first 1/2 mile I was ready to be done. My legs burned so bad! But I kept pushing myself another 1/2 mile and another... and I almost finished the whole 3 miles except I landed on my heel wrong and it hurt so bad, I ended in tears. These heel spurs and plantar faciitis are really starting to bug me.

So, in the end, my exercise totals are below. (I think I'm gonna start recapping exercise at the bottom of my posts.) I feel darn good about myself and my choices today. As I said on my vlog, I'm just taking one day at a time. Looking too far ahead is stressful. I only have control over TODAY and that's all I'm focusing on!

Breakfast: two slices whole wheat toast w/ 2 tbsp. organic peanut butter and 1 tbsp. low sugar jelly | one green apple with 2 tbsp. organic dark chocolate almond spread
Calories: 500

Post-Workout Snack:  1/2 protein bar
Calories: 80

Lunch:      two slices of personal size veggie gluten free pizza with side salad & lo-cal ranch | diet coke (my first one in forever and it honestly wasn't all that good. I don't miss it!)
Calories: 400

Dinner:     leftover two slices of personal size veggie gluten free pizza | one green apple with 1 tbsp. organic dark chocolate almond spread
Calories: 500

Post-Workout Snack:  1 ounce 2% low-fat cheese | 100 calories single serving bag of popped corn
Calories: 180

Total Calories Consumed: 1660

Now pizza isn't a part of my regular eating. Normally lunch would be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or lean cuisine or veggie burger and broccoli, but today just happened to be "one of those days". Still, I have been known to eat an entire 16" thin crust pizza and today I stopped at 2 slices of a personal size pizza (8") so I am extremely proud of that. I know some people go with the NO JUNK ALLOWED policy but for me, having occasional "comfort" food in moderation is the only way I don't go all yo-yo.

I still have a lot of psychological things to work through relating to food (mostly thanks to S.D.) but again, I'm just taking one day at a time and for today, I feel good!

Happy Thursday!!!


Today's Exercise:
40 Minutes - Step Aerobic Workout
40 Minutes - 2 1/2 Miles Walk DVD

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  1. You did great one your exercise today :) Very proud of you. Can't wait to try that video! :) I like your food too, makes me hungry. :)